Dear Gabriele,

 Yesterday's Reiki I Workshop was so perfect!   This morning I continued with more releases of toxic and congested matter.  And yes, due to the Reiki and the sweltering heat, my skin is opening and breathing.  I've continued to experience psychic and emotional moments of completion.....it truly was a timely cleansing after 18 or so months of extreme negative energy hovering over and penetrating our world. Thank you Gifted Healer and Wise One Gabriele...It was a pleasure to meet you in person!




I started the Nutrition Response Testing Program about March 12, 2021. It was a 12 week program. 
My main  concerns were: Atrial fibrillation, weight loss, regulation of blood pressure, and pulse, enlarged prostrate, urination issues, and constipation. 
I was assessed and DR. Wolf- determined on a body scan that my heart was my primary concern, but all the other issues were addressed.  I was advised to eliminate wheat. I severely limited wheat and most simple carbs including starch,  sugar, and alcohol. I had stopped drinking coffee a couple of years ago. 
I started the program of Standard Process supplements. And did not use other supplements without checking with her first.  
I also consulted with a cardiologist and a urologist. I had an EKG run to determine my heart health. Every week my numbers for blood pressure, pulse and weight improved. I lost 30 pounds. My prostrate is no longer as swollen and my urination has improved. 
My dear friend invested in a BEMER machine about 2 month into my program. I used this regularly.  We have used it about six weeks. 
On June 8, 2021- my cardiologist was pleased to tell me that  according to my EKG findings- my heart was 95% normal.  There was a slight elevation in the left atrium. My blood pressure readings are normal as is my pulse and oxygen rate. 
I recommend DR. WOLF- as a healer, and caregiver. She listens well and carefully, assesses consistently, and matches your need to  reading  body’s messages . 

Steve K.

I had been suffering from vertigo for some time, had been to Doctors who only gave me pills for the problem that only made me dizzy. I decided to go try Dr. Gabriele Wolf and with one session I no longer have the dizzy spells or had a vertigo seizure. I am very grateful to her. Thank you Gabriele!!





Oh my goodness Dr. Wolf! Mia already looks so much better!! She's still stuffy but her eyes are brighter. So grateful for you and the gifts you share.




On the 23rd of March 2021 I fell 20’ from a ladder. The resulting fall fractured my C5 in my neck, the 8th and 9th rib on my left side, a pelvic ring fracture on my left side and a broken tail bone. In addition, my left side was heavily bruised and swollen from my armpit to my knee. The swelling made my left side stick out 5”. My right arm was in similar shape with the swelling at 3” and bruised from my elbow to my wrist. 

As soon as I came out of the hospital, I was placed on a Standard Process regiment for bones, ligaments, and bruising. BEMER sessions were scheduled for twice a day with both the B-Pad and the B-Spot which was used on my arm and my pelvis. By the second week I was partially using the walker. At the four week follow up x-rays showed that my pelvic and C5 fractures were healed with new bone.  Both the orthopedic and neurosurgeon were amazed on how fast I healed.  It is now seven weeks after the fall, and I am back working out and being active. Thank you, Dr. Wolf for introducing BEMER and Standard Process to me.


Dr. Wolf, my son, Ian, is becoming a new, happy boy. Since you have treated him for allergies and ADHD type symptoms he has been much better able to cope with his frustrations and anxieties. I've even noticed his obsessive behaviors diminishing. I am so grateful to be able to get these results without medication. You are an angel. We are blessed to have you in our lives. I will send everyone I can your way. Blessings, Leighan


What a huge difference in me Dr.Wolf!! Relaxed, joyous, focused…mainly because of you! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your talents with me. I am so much better for it. Like “unbelievable”! Guess I was ready also. But want you to know how appreciated you are to me. Hugs, Mary


Services provided that is repairing my health with a loving and nurturing touch! Who knew that this service of Nutritional Testing would work for me - I'm a Gourmet Raw Vegan Chef. I should know this all..........but I didn't.


"Thank you, Dr. Wolf, for helping me with several health issues that I had been dealing with for a long time, especially Epstein-Barr, GERD and numerous allergies. I am doing and feeling so much better since starting our work together and I am truly grateful for all of your help."


Gabriele, just to let you know that I feel better. I am doing the bowls every day. I'm taking care of myself as I become aware, I am resting, and I am becoming more aware of my needs. You are an angel, you have done more for me than anybody in many years. Thank you so much and love you very much.


Dr. Wolf worked with both my daughter and my son. I saw such a significant change in my young son's ability to focus after just one treatment. She gave us a series of cross body movements to do at home to help connect his left and right brain. As a result he started to retain more information academically in a short period of time. I am truly grateful! 


I want to thank you for the incredible Reiki experience. What a blessing to be able to share Reiki with others now! I've felt so wonderfully relaxed since then. When I got home on Saturday, my dogs came up to me and wouldn't stop licking my hands. They NEVER lick my hands. It was kind of interesting.