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Bioenergetic Wellness Center of Boerne has chosen Standard Process and Mediherb as our main nutritional line due to the high quality of their products. Standard Process is devoted to improving the quality of life by providing safe, effective, high-quality whole-food supplements available only through health care professionals.

Standard Process demonstrates its commitment to the Whole:

  • Person by fostering the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health of its customers and employees.

  • Product by emphasizing the importance of concentrated whole foods and herbs in its product line.

  • Process by ensuring the highest quality in every state of development, from farming through shipping.

  • Planet by utilizing environmentally safe farming, manufacturing, and business practices.

  • Posterity by preserving and strengthening the company for all future generations.



MediHerb products are developed by experts and leaders in the field of herbal therapy, drawing on the latest scientific evidence, as well as centuries of traditional knowledge. We selected Medi-Herb for the positive health results achieved as the strongest possible evidence of their potency and superiority.


Our aim is to get you back to optimum health and enhance your well-being for the long term. MediHerb’s wide range of products can powerfully enhance health and vitality. Whether you’re managing short-term issues or need long-term support, these natural therapies can deliver dramatic positive effects.

MediHerb herbal solutions reflect the company’s philosophy and commitment to quality, purity and high manufacturing standards.



At Bioenergetic Wellness Center of Boerne, we offer Bemer therapy sessions as an integral  part of our holistic health care services and programs. There are many benefits to stimulating the microcirculation system to enhance your optimal health and wellbeing. Bemer Therapy is an exceptional choice for athletes and horses as well!


You may schedule an appointment by booking online or calling our office at 830-322-3022. 


We are pleased to be able to also offer Bemer therapy systems to purchase for home use to receive the most beneficial number of treatments in the comfort of your own home. 

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