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NAET Saliva Self Treatment to Boost your Immune System

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

With inconsistent weather patterns, pollen season, colds etc. I thought this self treatment guide could help you stay on top of the cold season and can be of great value in-between your regular office sessions.

The Gate Points (Acupressure points) of NAET

General Information: Massage each of the points listed below for 1 Minute while keeping the glass jar in contact with the skin.

For self-treatment: Complete the following steps while holding the Glass jar with your morning saliva you collected before you had anything to drink, eat or brushed your teeth.

Hold for a total of 7 minutes in order to complete a treatment. You must keep the glass jar in contact with the skin.


Hold glass jar in your hand while massaging the following acupuncture points beginning with the right hand for one minute each.

1. Starting with large intestine 4 on your right hand, then move to large intestine 11 on your right side. Massaging each point for 1 Minute. When moving to Large Intestine 11 on your left side it might be practical to switch hand holding the glass jar. Again massage for 1 Minute and move down to large intestine 4.

2. Move to liver 3 on your left foot, then liver 3 on your right foot, massaging each for 1 Minute.

3. To end the process you will then move up to large intestine 4 again and massage this point for another 1 Minute to close the circle.

4 .You can repeat this session every 20 Minutes (if you have the time 😊) until you feel better or clean out the jar right away to get it ready for next day‘s morning session with your fresh morning saliva.

Large Intestine 4 is located on the top of hand; at the high point where the thumb and index finger are pushed together. Large Intestine 11 is located at the high side of your elbow bend Liver 3 is located on the top of the foot; 2 inches below the web formed by first and second toe.

Read more about NAET here. NAET consultation and sessions are available at Bioenergetic Wellness Center of Boerne. Call today to schedule 830-322-3022, and enjoy savings on NAET session packages.

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