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How Your Microbiome Effects Your Emotions and Health

How Your Microbiome Effects Your Emotions and Health

The gut biome has the ability to affect physical and mental health. A healthy microbiome is essential for normal cognitive and emotional processing.

The microbiome changes throughout the lifetime, and is affected by our diet and lifestyle. Research shows that changes in the microbiome can influence depression, influence social interactions, anxiety, memory issues, autism, and more.

Many of these conditions are associated with a disrupted microbiome that throws the GI system out of balance, and may cause gut distress.

The human GI tract is a remarkable, complex part of the body that is home to trillions of microbes. Some of these microbes are ‘good guys’ while others are the ‘bad guys’.

The bad guys can create a number of potentially negative effects, while the good guys help the body fight against external invaders by creating a layer of protection. They compete with microbes for available nutrients, and send signals to other bacteria that they are not welcome.

Building resilience to disruption is important, it helps give the human microbiome the ability to return to equilibrium.

One significant nutrient compound that can sustain these healthy microbes, and support the cells that make up the GI lining are prebiotics. Prebiotics are essential for GI support in the face of acute and chronic GI stress.

One whole food supplement we use, among others, is GI Stability, delivering targeted prebiotic action, and feeding the growth of beneficial bacteria to provide support for protecting the complex gastrointestinal environment.

At Bioenergetic Wellness Center of Boerne, we can order a Microbiome Test to analyze your personal microbiome and create a personalized nutrition, food and lifestyle guidance plan.

Call the office @ 830-322-3022 to order your personal microbiome test to get your gut health back in order with specified nutrients and food guidance.

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