• Gabriele Wolf PhD ND

Good Health Begins in Your Gut

Updated: Apr 30

Your digestive system is about more than what foods you eat. A well functioning digestive system is important to overall health and well-being.

Did you know, that more then 50 million Americans visit their health care providers each year due to digestive concerns?^

As people age, the level of digestive enzymes in their bodies may diminish, which can lead to poor digestion. This can have many negativ effects on the body, which may include stress on the immune system, lower ability to absorb nutritions and degreased energy levels.

Over 70 % of your immune system is in your gut, making healthy digestion key in overall wellness. Don‘t let poor digestion interfere with your day to day living. Creating healthy habits, along with supporting your diet with supplements, may help to support your digestion.

People often become accustomed to dealing with unpleasant digestive challenges, such as:

gas, occasional constipation, occasional bloating, belching, loose st