10 Night Time Yoga Poses You Can Do Right In Bed

When you can’t get the shut-eye you desperately need, try these relaxing yoga poses you can do right in bed.

You lie awake in bed at night, counting sheep, tossing and turning, a million thoughts in your head and nothing seems to work.

The one thing you probably haven’t tried is shifting your body into 10 of the most relaxation-promoting yoga poses on the planet. These restful poses will help you peacefully drift off into blissful sleep. One of them is sure to be your favorite!

This practice will be best done in your bed at night, with little to no light. Try using only dim and warm- colored lamp light if you aren’t in the complete dark. Tip: Get more ideas on how to create your own sleep sanctuary here.

The idea here is to allow sleep to happen in whatever pose your body enjoys the most. Don’t fight the desire to stay in a pose longer if you wish. Once you find your favorite, you may have a new go-to sleeping position!

Each of these poses can be done right on your mattress using only a couple of pillows for support.

Pretzel Legs Pose | 10 Breaths per Side

Start with this stretching pose, which releases both hip and lower back tension. Lie comfortably on your back.

Lift your knees up towards your chest and wrap the right knee over the left. Flex your feet and grab onto the outer edges of both feet with your hands. Gently pull your feet towards you, just enough to feel a stretch.

Relax your head, neck, and shoulders and begin your deep breaths.

Stay in this position with right over left for 10 deep breaths, then switch sides and repeat.

Happy Baby Pose | 10 Breaths

Happy Baby pose stretches and soothes the spine, opens the hips and releases lower back tension. It also helps to calm the mind and release stress.

Lie comfortably on your back.

Lift your feet up into the air, bend your knees out wide and towards your chest and grab onto the outer sides of your feet.

Use your elbows to gently stretch your knees apart to feel the stretch in your back, hips, and hamstrings. Get comfortable and hold this position for 10 deep breaths.

Puppy Pose | 10 Breaths

Puppy pose is great for digestion and to relieve bloating due to gas. If an upset tummy is preventing you from getting restful sleep, this is the pose for you.

Get into an all-fours position on the bed, with your knees about shoulder-width apart. Slowly walk your hands forward until your chest is touching the bed.

Place your forehead down to relax your neck.

Make sure that hips are still lined up directly over knees. Hold this position for 10 deep breaths.

Pillow Supported Child's Pose | 10 Breaths

This fetal position is so comfortable for most people because it resembles the position we held in our mother’s womb. There is a sense of coziness with your whole body hugging the pillows.

Kneel on your bed and open your knees out wide.

Stack two pillows and place them longways between your knees.

Fold forward to rest your chest on the pillows and turn your head to one side.

Reach your arms long and rest them on either side of the pillows.

Get comfortable and stay in this position for at least 10deep breaths. You might even fall asleep here!

Sleepy Pigeon Pose | 10 breaths per side

Tightness in the hips can make it hard to relax and get comfortable. Try this gentle hip stretch to drift off into peaceful relaxation.

Start in an all-fours position, placing one pillow underneath you.

Lift one knee up and stretch the other leg out straight back behind you.

Lie down on the pillow and tuck your arms underneath to find a comfy position.

To feel a greater stretch in your hips, you can move your front foot up higher. Stay here for 10 deep breaths, then gently switch sides and repeat.

Legs Up The Wall | 10 Breaths

Aching, sore and tired feet may need a refresh before you can fall fast asleep. This pose helps drain the stagnant blood from busy overworked feet and gives you the benefits of an inversion while staying completely relaxed.

Sit on your bed about 3 feet away from the wall or headboard.

Lie on your back and put your heels up on the wall at a 45-degree angle


Rest your arms out by your sides and lift your chin straight up to face the ceiling.

Begin 10 deep breaths, or stay longer if you wish. If your feet begin to feel numb and tingly, you can bend your knees and put your feet down on the bed.

Pillow Between Knees Twist | 10 Breaths per Side

If you have any lower back tightness or discomfort, this will be your favorite. Twists can release spinal tension, calm your racing mind and soothe your nervous system.

Lie on your back and place a pillow between your knees and shins. Rest your arms in a cactus position, palms facing up.

Twist your hips and legs to the right side and look towards the left.

You may need to shift your hips a bit to find a comfortable resting position.

Take 10 deep breaths, then keep the pillow where it is to gently roll to the other side and take 10 more deep breaths.

Pillow Supported Butterfly Pose | 10 Breaths

Breathing or snoring problems? This one will be your favorite. Because your torso is propped up at an angle, you will breathe easier and likely eliminate any snoring if you do fall asleep in this position. Tip: This is especially great for pregnant mamas who are having a hard time finding a restful position.

Stack two or three pillows and place them on the bed long ways. Sit with your hips at the front end of the pillows and lie back.

Place the soles of your feet together and allow your knees to fall open.

Stretch your arms out to your sides to rest with palms facing up.

Tilt your chin just slightly up to make room for smooth breathing.

Begin your deep breathing and stay for at least 10 deep slow breaths.

Pillow Supported Hip Bridge | 10 Breaths

This pose will open up your midsection, allowing your tummy more space for digestion.

Stack two pillows and place them in the center of your bed.

Sit on top of the pillows, then lie back and stretch your legs out long.

Reach your arms above your head and grab opposite elbows.

Relax your feet and legs. Hold for 10 deep breaths.

Pillow Supported Savasana | 10 Breaths

Finish with the king of all relaxation yoga poses, otherwise known as Corpse Pose. Savasana helps put your body in ideal anatomical alignment to promote deep relaxation. If you haven’t fallen asleep already, this will surely send you off to dreamland.

Lie flat on your bed and stack two pillows underneath your knees.

Open your knees about shoulder-width apart, or as wide as you can while comfortably keeping them propped on the pillows.

Stretch your arms out to your sides with palms facing up.

Lift your chin slightly up to face the ceiling to allow for smooth breathing.

Begin your deep breaths and don’t fight the urge to fall asleep. This is a great pose to spend the entire night in.


Jessica Gouthro

Paleo Hacks


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